steeked1I am a steek-virgin no more. I was surprised that cutting my knitting didn’t make me nervous, but the sewing did! Since my sweater is slippery superwash wool, I followed the directions I found at Getting Stitched on the Farm and sewed the front of the sweater securely before steeking. I also cut up one of my original swatches, which helped my nerves immensely – it was good practice.

If you’re looking for more steek tutorials, there is another nice one on Excercise Before Knitting, and then the thorough Steeking Chronicles at See Eunny Knit.

steek-closeup-1Here’s the neckline of the sweater. If you want to see the stitching close up, just click on that little thumbnail picture.


Since steeking, I’ve knit the first arm of the sweater. Even shortening it to the smallest size available made it a bit too long, so I’m going to rip out the cap shaping and about an inch of the sleeve and then reknit the shaping. I’m hoping that will bring it into ‘close enough’ territory. I tried the thing on as I was knitting it, but I forgot to take into account that the arm of the sweater isn’t attaching to my side, but rather to the sweater, which is a bit closer to my elbow than my actual side. Ah, well, live and learn.

I figure after reknitting it will come out an inch too short somehow, but I can block that out.

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