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Yes, that was a Majacraft box! I’m very excited to show you my newest treasure, which is likely the last wheel I’ll ever buy. This is Rose. We actually received our first Rose a few weeks ago, but it was in used condition though we ordered it as new. The seller happily corrected the issue with us, though, and had Majacraft ship us a Rose from their warehouse.

Rose-3The double treadle is so wonderful! I love being able to stop and start the wheel with just my feet, and I’m finding that it is much easier on my back than the treadle action of the Traditional. Keep in mind that I have a bad back – most folks probably wouldn’t notice. I’m spinning nice and slow, trying to get thick yarn, but I know that I’ll be able to spin sock yarn on this beauty with no trouble at all. The only trouble is finding time to do it.

I’ve finished plying the blue yarn I started ages ago, and can’t wait to start in on my sweater yarn. I’m having a hard time working up to a worsted weight, though. After trying for so long to spin thin, it’s interesting to try to move back towards a thicker yarn. However, my spinning needs to wait until after some other time-sensitive things are finished up. Rosie is a great motivator, though.

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  1. Dave Daniels said,

    November 30, 2010 at 9:26 am

    Congratulations! It looks beautiful, the wood grain really shows up nicely.
    (Odd about getting a used one initially.)
    I found a couple of ornaments you made me years ago while getting some of my Christmas things out. A turtle and a snail. They are with my cherished ornaments.

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